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CLEAN Your Shower Curtain

Highly Effective and Non Toxic For Removing Mould From Show Curtains

uses-hydrogen peroxide wash shower curtain

Thanks to poor air circulation and humidity, your bathroom is the ideal breeding ground for mould. It’s only a matter of time before the inside of your shower curtain starts showing mould or mildew stains. In fact, when the conditions are right, mould can appear quickly—sometimes within 24-48 hours. Mould on a shower curtain is unsightly and even potentially dangerous. If not removed, mould will grow and spread, potentially contributing to respiratory illness and aggravating asthma and allergies. Mould often appears as tiny black spots, but can also be white or green. No matter the colour, it’s got to go!

Simply follow these steps:

  1. 1

    Remove the curtain, bring it outside, and lay it flat (mould-side up).

  2. 2

    Fill a reusable spray bottle with Oxygen Plus – Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, then add 5-10 drops of Fresh Clean Essential Oils as an extra antibacterial.

  3. 3

    Thoroughly spray the curtain, paying special attention to the mouldy areas.

  4. 4

    Let the curtain sit for 30 minutes.

  5. 5

    Scrub the fabric with a soft brush to remove the mould.

  6. 6

    Rinse with warm water.

So, what can you do to clean and disinfect your shower curtain? Many people immediately turn to commercial mould removers, but many of these contain harsh chemicals that could be as harmful as the mould itself. A better option is to use [hp] Using hydrogen peroxide is an easy and effective way to disinfect your shower curtain to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

What exactly is hydrogen peroxide? Chemically speaking, hydrogen peroxide (H202) is very similar in composition to water (H20)—the only difference is hydrogen peroxide has an extra atom of oxygen. Although it’s a chemical, hydrogen peroxide is gentle and breaks down into two natural elements: water and oxygen. Containing no chlorine, alcohols, acids, or other dangerous chemical additives, hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use around your whole family, including your pets.

Don’t let hydrogen peroxide’s gentle nature fool you—it’s very powerful and can stop mould and mildew in its tracks. In fact, hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria, viruses, mould spores, yeast, and fungi to help prevent the transmission of common and serious illnesses. With it’s safe and effective properties, [hp] is a must-have when cleaning your shower curtain.

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