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Stop Your Compost Bucket From Smelling

hydroghen peroxide clean composte buckets

Creating compost is a great way to reuse kitchen scraps and protect the environment. Organic wastes, such as food waste and yard waste, make up 25 to 50 percent of what people throw away in the rubbish bin. When we throw away yard and food waste, it decomposes in a landfill and releases methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. While most landfills have the technology to capture the majority of the released methane, eliminating the gas at its source is a way we can support the environment. An easy way to not add to this is to place a compost bucket in your kitchen where you can dispose of any leftover biodegradable food items.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. 1

    Add 2.5-3 cm of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen PlusTM into the bottom of the bucket.

  2. 2

    The addition of hydrogen peroxide allows you to keep the bucket in your kitchen longer without a stench.

While that might seem fine and dandy, it’s another story when the compost bucket starts releasing a foul stench thanks to the decomposing food matter. Unlike rubbish bins that usually contain bagged trash, wrappers, or paper items, you simply throw unpackaged food in a compost bucket. This makes for an easy strategy—and a stinky mess, particularly during the warm summer months. It’s essential to regularly clean out your compost bin to prevent pests like flies, bacteria, mould, and an unbearable odour.

Cleaning out the compost bucket is a task that nobody looks forward to, but it must be done nonetheless. Thankfully, it’s really easy with the right tools. First of all, you can tame the stench that emanates from the bucket by pouring some [hp] into the bottom of it. This hydrogen peroxide solution can also be used when it comes time to clean the bucket after emptying the contents.

Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and mould which helps to keep your kitchen environment safe and prevents any off-putting smells. Unlike toxic bleach and other heavy-duty cleaners, hydrogen peroxide is gentle and biodegrades into two completely natural elements: water and oxygen. This comes with the added bonus of making it safe to dump anywhere.

To stave off that atrocious smell and keep your compost bucket clean, look no further than [hp].

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