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The Best Kept Secret for Plant Care – Until Now!

Why Your Plant Will Love Hydrogen Peroxide?

Oxygen Plus – Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is simply water with an extra atom of oxygen. When it breaks down into oxygen and water it supports your plants’ health in a number of ways.

If you’ve ever noticed how much more rainwater helps your plants than regular tap water, you’ve seen the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide. H2O2 is actually in rain at low levels, so using it as a part of your gardening process mimics what Mother Nature does for it too.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Plants

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Although hydrogen peroxide is not a fertilizer, it works in a similar way when sprayed onto your plants. The additional oxygen atom found in hydrogen peroxide helps plants’ roots better absorb nutrients from the surrounding soil which leads to faster, healthier, and more vigorous growth over time. A diluted hydrogen peroxide solution is beneficial to plants at any stage in their growth cycle, from seedlings to fully mature plants.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen Plus comes with the added benefit of ridding your plants’ soil of harmful bacteria or fungus that can slow their growth. When sprayed on plants infected with mildew or mould, a diluted mixture of hydrogen peroxide will nip these invaders in the bud immediately.

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FEEDBACK from our plant lovers!

5 Star Reviews - Hydrogen Peroxide

The effect seems magical!
I use it during each watering to boost the life of all my plants, including my hydro plant! They are trouble-free now… My hydro-plant water stays clean for longer, thanks heaps for providing us with this product! I highly recommend this to all my planty friends.
A. Rajino

5 Star Reviews - Hydrogen Peroxide

My plants
I had a problem with fungus gnats And I used this product to get rid of them my plants are a lot happier now. 😁, now I’m using it to clean!! I’ve recommended this product to so many people!! Anika K. NZ

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Boost Plant Health

Do your plants look limp and lifeless? Try boosting them with a dose of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Plant Care Plus. Have you ever noticed that after a good rain, your plants seem to grow an inch? You’re not hallucinating it! According to studies, rainwater has a higher hydrogen peroxide content than regular tap water, which benefits plants more. You’re replicating the natural makeup of raindrops and your plants will thank you for it.

Get Rid Of Fungus GnatS

Fungus gnats are tiny insects that may be mistaken for pollen. They feed on your plants, which is why they’re a major garden pest. Because fungus gnats suck flower nectar and plant juice and spread diseases that eventually destroy your garden or indoor plants, the devastation they cause is greater than that of many other little flies.

Fortunately, hydrogen peroxide can be used to control these damaging insects organically. It’s a simple and cheap method of preventing fungus gnats from spoiling your plants. Fungus gnat life cycles are typically terminated with just one treatment of hydrogen peroxide. It’s a safe and efficient control technique that won’t damage seedlings, gardens and indoor plants.

Save Dying Plants

If your beloved plant appears to be on its last legs, don’t give up yet. There are a variety of reasons why your plant might be dying, and in many cases, it can be revived with proper attention. It’s critical to realise that a plant’s health changes if it gets too much or too little of anything. Many solutions to your plant’s health issues are easy fixes that restore it to its natural balance. However, your plant could also be experiencing more complicated, dire problems such as a fungal, mould, or bacterial infection.

Hydrogen peroxide is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, mould spores, and fungi that are causing your plant to perish. Hydrogen peroxide kills root rot-causing fungi and restores the oxygen balance in the soil which helps your plant root system recover.

Speed Up Seed Germination

When a seed is watered, it becomes alive as long as the temperature, humidity, air quality, and light intensity are correct. When seeds take in water, they expand and the enzymes within them become hydrated. Enzymes that are now hydrated enter into action, and the seed’s metabolic processes increase to provide energy for growth. This process happens naturally, but what if you could speed up seed germination. As it turns out, you can use Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen Plus, a food-grade solution made in pure distilled water, which can effectively increase germination speed and support the growth of strong, healthy plants.

Eliminate Fungal Infections

Have you noticed any signs of fungal infections on your plants? ‘Rust’ on the leaves or stem, white mould, or brown spots on the leaves are some symptoms.

Mix ¼ cup Oxygen Plus with one litre of water. Heavily water the plant with the mixture, making sure to get all sides of the roots. You almost want to ‘flush’ the roots of the fungus. You may feel like you’re overwatering the plants, but you’re actually flushing out the fungal infection.

Pest and Insect Repellant

Do you have a problem with pests eating your plants? Oxygen Plus can help. Soaking the roots of your plants protects them, but sometimes bugs will eat the leaves. Mix one part Oxygen Plus and four parts water in a spray bottle and lightly spray the leaves to keep bugs away.

Sanitise your Seeds

Is it possible that you simply planted them in the dirt without soaking them first? If you soaked the seeds in Oxygen Plus, they should germinate even quicker. That’s because Oxygen Plus naturally destroys any germs, including bacteria that may be present on the seeds.

Help Root Growth

Oxygen Plus is sometimes referred to as a fertilizer. It does, however, encourage root development. It provides your plants’ roots with additional oxygen, which they require in order to obtain vital nutrients. The growth of your plants’ roots is accelerated when they absorb more nutrients, resulting in a healthier and faster-growing plant.

5 Star Reviews - Hydrogen Peroxide

Hidden Magic
Good clean Oxygen Plus Hydrogen Peroxide in the vegetable beds reduced Fungus Gnats by 70% in one week. The ratio of 3% H2O2 I used was 20 ml to 1.5-litre water and sprayed mainly the root area with some spray touching the foliage. Plants are smiling at me! The same ratio I used for cleaning glass surfaces and they all shining will half the amount of effort. I will definitely be ordering some more!️ Suman Mukerji,NZ

5 Star Reviews - Hydrogen Peroxide

Best fungus gnats treatment I’ve tried
I’ve been struggling with fungus gnats for a year now and this significantly reduced them. I think I probably needed to apply it a few more times to truly get rid of them so next time will be buying a large bottle! Makes the most satisfying sizzling noise as you treat the soil too. Will definitely be buying again. Annabelle

Save Dying Plants with Hydrogen Peroxide

Speed Up Seed Germination
eliminate fungal infections treatment

repellant pests insects hydropgen peroxide

Root Rot Prevention & Treatment

If your plants are looking a little dull, limp, and lifeless, give them a good boost with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen Plus. Applying a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to your plants’ soil can help stimulate healthy root growth, which leads to stronger, healthier plants.

Hydrogen peroxide kills root rot-causing fungi and restores the oxygen balance in the soil which boosts your plants’ root growth and health.

Enhance your Hydroponics

Do you prefer hydroponics versus a traditional garden? It’s a great way to see how your plants grow and what problems they have that you wouldn’t be able to see underneath the soil.

Many gardeners have the same issues with a hydroponics garden as they have with a soil garden – fungus and lack of oxygen, both of which hydrogen peroxide helps. If you’re growing a hydroponic garden, have plenty of Oxygen Plus on hand.

Disinfect Tools, Pots, and Greenhouses

Are you worried about bacteria in your pots? If you had plants with a disease or root rot in them already, the pot likely has disease too, which can spread to your plants. Mix one part ¼ cup Oxygen Plus to one litre of water directly in the pot. Thoroughly wipe the sides of the pot, getting every area, but make sure you wear gloves while doing this. Dump the Oxygen Plus mix out and thoroughly rinse the pot, completely drying it when complete.


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