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Every New Zealander deserves a healthy, toxin-free home and workplace. We are committed to making Hydrogen Peroxide available to every household in the country so that families can reduce toxins in daily life and save money on buying multiple products containing harmful chemicals.


We score 4.95 out of 5 based on 1159 reviews

Based on 1159 reviews
Love it.

I've replace all my cleaning supplies and am very grateful, the stinky boys toilet, is now less smelly and clean. I, highly recommend it. I've also used it in my seedlings and plants.

Great product

Great all round product. I recently used it to clean my earrings that hadn’t been worn for many years. It was reassuring knowing that they were thoroughly clean after being rinsed!

Cat Urine Assistant

It's my first choice. Effective in completely removing cat urine odor from mattresses.

Rids clothing of mould

This stuff saved my clothing! It was full of mold and smelled awful, 2 soakings with 1/2 cup of 6% saved them !


Highly recommend hydrogen peroxide for all your cleaning needs! I mainly use as a mouthwash and it works a treat at keeping your teeth clean and white!

Hydrogen Peroxide

I love the vesitility of Hydrogen Peroxide. Have had a tooth playing u p recently. So gargled with Hydrogen Peroxide and it settled down also had a sore throat at another time same thing gargled with Hydrgen Peroxide and it certainly helped. Plants are thriving also.

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% - 1L
Patricia Whitmore
Worked Well

I used Good Clean Health hydrogen peroxide 6% for a school experiment and it worked perfectly.


Cleaning is fast and bugs free

Best all around house product!

So many uses for around the house that actually work, highly recommend!

Love this stuff!

I keep finding new and amazing ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide. The latest is rehabilitating a much-loved china cup that had developed so many ugly brown cracks in the glaze (but not the china itself) that I was seriously considering biffing it. Figuring I had nothing to lose I wrapped it in a peroxide-soaked paper towel overnight. Result: The cracks are no longer visible and it looks like new. Another problem solved! Thank you Good Clean Health.

Love these products!

I absolutely love using these products in my cleaning routine and plant care. I highly recommend the addition, it’s relieving knowing I’m using something that won’t be detrimental to my family’s health!


I love - love- love this product, I use it every day to sanitise bathrooms, toilets, laundry and kitchen! Highly recommended

Love this product

Love using this product…you can see it getting straight to work. Does a wonderful job cleaning everything with no terrible fumes or odours. I add the oils to it for a lovely smell.

Must Have!

The 6% cleans like nothing else I’ve used!
It leaves everything fresh and feeling super clean! Recently cleaned bathroom grout with the 6% mixed with baking soda and grout looks brand new again🙌 great product highly recommend and wouldn’t clean with anything else now:)


I love this 6% hydrogen peroxide. It works on everything I use it on, stains in particular. Thank you Good Clean Health Co.

Planted aquarium

I use Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to kill the Hair Algae in my aquarium. This is the only product that I”ve found that successfully kills the Hair Algae without damaging the fish.

Great !

I love the higher percentage and use my very cool mister every day ; the “bomb”


I am so happy with my purchase. It is not just used for my plants but there are heaps of uses for it around the house and it is environmentally friendly, so ticks all around!

Super 6%

6% provides you with "strength" flexibility and it's way more economical too.


Love this stuff, use it on my plants. It’s great for cleaning and good for my septic tank.


I like to use this product for my cleaning needs as it disinfect. Then I can use it in the garden as I am not keen on chemicals.


I use the Hydrogen Peroxide 6% for cleaning. It removed stains in the carpet which nothing else would shift. And there was no damage to the carpet. It was a great relief as the carpet was brand new. I also use for cleaning toothbrushes, bathroom areas, I add a little in my nose rinse when I have a sinus infection and add a little to water to gargle with when I have a sore throat. The HP has multiple uses.

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% - 1L
NZ4363759 Christine Bentham Bentham
Love it ❤️

I follow Anthony William the Medical Medium for my health and he recommended peroxide for cleaning because it’s safe and effective, so I tried Good Clean Health’s and it’s awesome 😎. I love that I can order it online, the spray bottles are super cool, it’s easy to make up and the cloths are nice and thick. I also use it to make mouthwash and use it in my waterpic to clean my teeth. Just used it now to sanitise my shoe, after an unfortunate accident 😂🤣😂🤣

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% - 1L
elizabeth perry

Hydrogenperoxide I have the best cleaning and stain remover I found I’m sure there is a lot more uses for e to fine

Amazing cloths

Love these dish clothes. Great for wiping all surfaces and machine washable
Don't smell and long lasting if they are looked after.

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