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Based on 256 reviews
Carol gilmour

Great product. My plants are recovering and looking happier and great to know my kitchen and bathroom are so clean

Oxygen Plus 3% - 1L
Noelene Hunt
Hydrogen peroxide 3%

Have finally found a great supplier. I use this on my orchid roots to stop infections and it is also effective on mealy bug etc.
A great product and excellent service from this company with same day packaging. Couldn't ask for better.

Everyday Clean
Gaynor Murray
Excellent product, highly recommend

This product has multiple uses, comes in bulk 4l containers, quality atomizer, and the oil adds a pleasant smell. We use it monthly in the wash with white bedsheets, clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces and sanitize door handles and light switches. It's great for me as I have allergies and most other sprays are heavily fragranced which causes me to sneeze until the odor dies down, and its environmentally friendly too..
I highly recommend this product and company who's service was also exceptional.

Great all purpose product!

There are so many uses for the hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, that it makes it a go to product. From disinfecting surfaces to plant care. When purchasing this product, you get sent a suggested uses chart which is extremely helpful! I have been using hydrogen peroxide for my plants for a while now and when I found this product, I was very pleased. Not only is this product a great price, but it is easy to use. I will definitely be repurchasing! Thanks!

Oxygen Plus 3% - 4 L
Tony Saunders
Great product

Happy with the cleaning power and finding more uses for it every day. The 4 litre box is great, less plastic to try and dispose of.

Oxygen Plus 6% - 1L
Rosemary Addis
6% Oxygen Plus

Product, Communication and Delivery was 100%. Thank you

Best spray bottles ever!

I now have 4 of these bottles as they're just so good! I keep at least one with the 6% solution in ready for deeper cleaning and have 2 with the 3%, and one made up for the garden. They make cleaning a breeze. My kitchen and bathroom have never looked as good. Thank you! I'm totally converte to using this system for everything.

Great at cleaning sun-bleached Lego!

Oxygen Plus 3% - 1L
Debbie Hansen
A must buy

So happy with this product along with the guide showing many ways to use this product. Every home should have this product

So Good That I Asked for a BIGGER SIZE!!

This is pure gold, for cleaning, sanitising, laundry stains, especially when you have children and pets! I ordered a large set, and deep cleaned everything in the house, and within a few days ordered another of this item, and emailed to ask if they would consider making it in a larger size! (Spoiler alert, it may well be on the cards, yay!). Love this, and this is used on a daily basis in our home.

Loving the extra 'O'

Great packaging, value and love the spray bottle.. very flash. So many uses for hydrogen peroxide, I had no idea.

Quick service good communication

New way to clean

excellent product, awesome spray bottles. great service

Great stuff!

I've not learned all the houses yet, but have found it great for sanitizing my kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Oxygen Plus 3% - 1L
Katrina Hazelhurst
Very versatile

I used this product to deordorise my pets bedding, remove mildew from the back of a delicate fabric and to revitalize my pot plants. Great all around cleaner. Will definitely be stocking up again.

Plant Care Plus
Rochelle Barron

Love this, ticks all the boxes for me, Food grade, distilled water, perfect for all my other uses and intensions also. So very pleased also to be able to do business with a New Zealand initiative and company. Highly recommend

Oxygen Plus - Hydrogen Peroxide Purchase

Awesome product! I absolutely love using this product for cleaning my bathroom and kitchen sinks. In fact, it is great for any household cleaning. I also use it, for my daily mouthwash, diluted, as wonderful for getting rid of any bacteria and germs in my mouth. The container size and price is excellent value for the amount of product I received. I am very happy to recommend this company to my family and friends. And will be ordering more in the future from Good Clean Health Co.

Gnat trap

I've been using your product for a few months, originally is was to get rid of fungus gnats but now I use it to clean the dish washer, washing machine and as a house hold cleaner. Amazing product and great knowing it's not harmful to the environment or the family. Thank you and highly recommend it to anyone 😊

Excellent product for Plant 🪴 Care 🙂

Just love using Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Care on my plants 🪴
Its a safe and organic way to keep my plants nice and healthy. I can really see the difference since using oxygen plus.
Also love the Mister 360 spray bottle, best spray bottle I have used.
Great produce and Great service.
Thank you Good Clean Health Co 🙂🪴

Great Product

This is a really good product and I am happy to recommend this.

Hydrogen Peroxide deep clean

Very good product. Would recommend Good Clean Health Co. to my friends

Great Product

This is my go to for lots of things, loved the large box so I have it on tap and more so the handy hints handout, I've laminated it! Highly Recommend!

Oxygen Plus 3% - 4 L
Christine Andrew
The best

My daughter and I are totally converted to your cleaning products.

Everyday & Deep Clean
Caroline Leader
Best product ever

I am totally in love with this system. It is so easy to mix and use and does a great job. I'll be buying more spray bottles so I can have the different strengths on hand. I've been recommending this to all my friends.

Good quantity for reasonable price

I use hydrogen peroxide for everything - my plants, to disinfect, to bleach more delicate whites. I got this a month ago, and am already halfway through the bottle. Highly rate

Every New Zealander deserves a healthy, toxin-free home and workplace. We are committed to making Hydrogen Peroxide available to every household in the country so that families can reduce toxins for daily life and save money on buying multiple products containing harmful chemicals.

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