Every New Zealander deserves a healthy, toxin-free home and workplace. We are committed to making Hydrogen Peroxide available to every household in the country so that families can reduce toxins in daily life and save money on buying multiple products containing harmful chemicals.


We score 4.96 out of 5 based on 997 reviews

Based on 997 reviews

Nice fine sprayer for my plants. Sometimes it won't spray for a bit as I'm using it but isn't much of a problem. Overall really good product

Everyday & Deep Clean

Excellent products to use in many areas of our home. Feeling healthy!

Hydrogen peroxide

Great product. Many thanks ❣️🌹

Love it

So many uses and so very effective for all of them , Hydrogen Peroxide you're a super star!

Hydrogen peroxide

Love it. Good for so many things.

Everyday & Deep Clean
Raewyn Alexander
Every day and deep clean

Fantastic to be able to buy hydrogen peroxide in an amount and strength that is useful for all our needs. A great product.

Mister 360 - Reusable Spray Bottle?


white fly

I didn't know one could combat white fly with hydrogen peroxide.
Another reason why this is such a multi usuful product

Everyday & Deep Clean
Barbara Mundt
Cleaning with pure conscience

I love my houseplants and with this product they look healthier than ever🙏
I’m using it for my kitchen benches, chopping boards, toilets and basically everything that needs cleaning. It not just gives me pure conscience because I don’t need any nasty stuff that’s bad for the environment, but it also gives me the great feeling of deep cleaning while disinfecting at the same time. I love that especially in my kitchen and bathroom..Thank you for a great product🙏

Environmentally friendly cleaning

I am totally satisfied with the quality, effectiveness and environmentally safe aspects of this product. As we live off grid and are trying to make a minimal impact in our beautiful piece of paradise . These products give me a clean home and a clear conscience. Thank you , Jude

4l 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Excellent service. Product is my go to for every cleaning process.

Good value for money

Versitile & Easy

So many uses, I could write a list and still find more, makes cleaning easy, my dishwasher is looking so much better and I have plants that are thriving. I use the 3% hydrogen peroxide in every room in my home, 6% is really good too. The essential oil mixes smell great and the sprayers are the best I've used. Give it a try, it is awesome.

Excellent Product

My late wife INSISTED on your product. Now I am on my own I will not be without it for cleaning the washing machine and dryer after each use as well as loosening stains

No Dry Hands & Multipurpose!

I am delighted with my purchase. My hands aren't suffering from eczema quite as badly now that I have a cleaning product that is sensitive to my skin. And I've still got a sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom. It has also been immensely useful during our move to deal with a stressed out cat who peed on a few items - turns out hydrogen peroxide also seems to make my towels a touch fluffier in addition to mixing with vinegar to eliminate the smell. Thank you Good Clean Health!

Perfect for all my cleaning needs

Perfect for all my cleaning needs

Great product

I am very happy with this product. I am using it diluted for a mouthwash and also for cleaning our water storage containers that developed some mould. It has nice packaging that makes it look user friendly rather than industrial.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - 4 L

Great product!

Sadly, my plants were overrun with pests and I thought I'd have to bin them. My daughter sent me a link to this product and suggested I follow the instructions. I'm proud to say, one week on, the plants are now thriving - Thank you for a great product, and I LOVE the mister/spray bottle!

Great all-around solution

I mix this with water to spray on the foliage of my plants on every watering session and they help keep pests at bay. Using for surface cleaning around the house too. Also great to place a few drops in water for cut flowers to keep them long lasting and vibrant. Safe and multipurpose. Highly recommend!

Love this stuff!

I use this stuff to keep my icebath water clean and it's great. Perfectly healthy for skin exposure and it keeps the water clean, clear and bug free. Much better than using harsh chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - 1L
Mila Shegarenko
Absolutely anything!!!

Thank you so much for Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. I am using it in my kitchen, bathroom, for cleaning. With my house plants, with my out door flowers.


Great product. Helped remove some unwanted stains and oil splashes. Best of all it's pet friendly

Excellent product

I love the 6% hydrogen peroxide . I use it in my washing machine . It leaves my washing looking so much brighter and the whites very much whiter. I used to use bleach. But much prefer the hydrogen peroxide

Great stuff

I would recommend this product definitely a winner!

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