We score 4.95 out of 5 based on 174 reviews

Based on 174 reviews
A Household Product I Will Always Have

What more can I say than I will always have this in my house. I just love it for everything & so handy in the spray bottle. I totally trust this product.

Environmentally safe bleach

I use the product to "bleach" my whites - helps with sweat and other stains. Much, much better than the normal bleach which is neither good for the environment and has a strong smell as well.

I haven’t received it yet but will comment when it arrives @nd use it.

Great product

Great product for cleaning and watering plants

Just the best

Wouldn't be without this sprayer in my kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Quick and easy to use, refreshes and cleans all surfaces brilliantly, plus keeps flies at bay. An added bonus, the spray bottle keeps right on working time and again, unlike most sprayers that clap out after a few squirts.

Excellent product. Love the lavender and peppermint disinfectants. I feel so confident using them on my bench tops and other areas germs etc. are eliminated and can be free from worry about cross contamination.


Got it to treat a stained mattress, worked a treat

Oxygen Plus Hydrogen peroxide 3%

I just love this item. I use it to wash all my purchased vegetables and fruit and I also use it for cleaning my bench top surfaces, cupboards etc. I use to use janola to clean my surfaces in the house but Hydrogen peroxide is a much healthier alternative. My favorite cleaning product without the stong ammonia smell

Thank you, I received your product in good order, but have not used it yet. I am sure it will work well. Ina

Absolutely love it

The pepper mint spray smells amazing and leaves my walls fresh and clean of mildew

Great Product!

Love it, very useful in the house and garden.

Oxygen plus

Great product

Excellent product

This year I’ve tried to get some HP from the chemist without success, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to get you pure food grade product in such a practical amount of 1 litre. Plus I didn’t realise how many more uses it has. Thank you for your excellent product and service and I sincerely hope it continues and you don’t run out . Kind regards Julie

Great product

3% hydrogen peroxide has been my best friend for a long time. Good Clean Health Co has now become my number one place to get it because I use it for everything!


The cleanest environmental, non toxic product on the market. Multiple uses for around the the house and garden. Comes with a lovely detailed chart that can be put on the inside of your pantry door for easy reference. Heres' to healthier plants and a cleaner, toxic free planet!

Still trialing

Seems good so far

Good value product with many uses

I bought this product primarily to help me clean the roots of orchids when repotting to prevent algae and fungal infections. Turns out it has many, many uses around the home and garden and I’ve been very pleased with it. Am recommending it to friends and family.

Love love love it!

I'm buying more right now! 10 bottles please 😁

Top rated service = top rated product

Have always known peroxide was great for cleaning infected wounds, but Good Clean Health have taken it a step further, providing a myriad of uses on their website. They're right, you CAN use it for just about anything. And their service is equal to the task. Live rurally, didn't believe GCH overnight delivery promise. Surprise! Not only overnight delivery but a Saturday delivery as well. Who else could organize a rural delivery on a saturday!!!!!!

Good Clean Health Co

Quick delivery the product is a lot more superior to the wee small bottles I could only find at the supermarket and the pamphlet on its uses is pure gold. It was a must have for me at this time as I have 6 pups, it works for sanatising their bedding area, their wee feet and keeping mum clean and healthy. Keen to learn when you are back up and running so I can reorder

Love it!

These are a great addition to my cleaning products, fantastic at removing Mould or mildew as well!

Oxygen Plus - Hydrogen Peroxide

It made an excellent job of cleaning the grout in our tiles.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for Plants - H2O2 - 1L

Plants are so much healthier

My plants were slowing dying due to root rot, I was hardly watering them due to winter but yet they still managed to get it. I have been using this product for a few weeks my plants are looking better than ever.

Very versatile

So many uses and Good Clean Health Co offers excellent service!

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

I can see results already I am super impressed with this product.

I can’t believe how many purposes hydrogen peroxide has!!, I have fungus gnats in my beautiful house plants, so I’ve made up made a spray and watered the plants. I can see results already I am super impressed with this product. Thank you so much.
Anika K. Motueka, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Delivery was super quick

I use it to boil my teatowels and dishcloths, soak my dentures and as a general household disinfectant/cleaner. Delivery was super quick and will be ordering two bottles next time as I went through it faster than I thought and want to start using it for my garden veg and houseplants.
Deborah K. Wellington, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Will be recommending to friends and family. A++

Great service, and quick delivery. Like that its natural and has so many uses. The poster mentioned a lot of ways you can use it and the quantity needed was a bonus. Will be recommending to friends and family. A++
Liane P. Auckland, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Highly recommended

Super easy to order. Great product at competitive prices. Highly recommended. Love the poster too. I look forward to ordering products in the future.
Alura P. Auckland, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

AMAZING service.. they must have a private jet! 😉

thanks so much.. I will be buying more from you as soon as I finish these bottles. I totally recommend it to all!
Karri, Whangamata NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Thank you, Team, for a nice product. I really appreciate it!
Alexei J. Bay of Plenty, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Very quick! Great poster

Didn’t know there were so many uses! Recommend
Claire, Wellington NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

My Le Creuset dutch oven is looking new again 🙂

Thanks so much !
Eilish, Napier NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

It has done a remarkable job.

I have used it for cleaning grout. It has done a remarkable job. I intend to use it for some of the other applications that have been suggested by you.
June B. Auckland, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Easy shopping, once I had found you.

Hydrogen Peroxide I have used in the garden and for sanitising in the house. So far very pleased.
Jean A. Christchurch, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

An essential part of my cleaning and hygiene regime

Good Clean Health Co are reliable and kept their word during the difficult times of the lockdown….good product, use it as an essential part of my cleaning and hygiene regime.
Tony K. Christchurch NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Would highly recommend it to anyone

Placing an order has never been this easy, I wish more sites would make the ordering process easier. My bottles arrived 2 days after ordering, it has a beautiful design and comes with a cute infographic poster. Would highly recommend it to anyone that believes in the power of good old hydrogen peroxide.
Ilse A. Hawera, NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Super fast delivery

Ordered it at Friday 4:30 a.m. received the next day by 10 a.m. can’t fault the super fast delivery.
Julia Ashburton NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Good simple quick purchase. I’ll gladly purchase again from them. Many thanks.
Kerry Te Awamutu NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Really like the poster with tips!

Fast arrival. Thank you!
Alice, Papakura NZ

5 Star Reviews Hydrogen Peroxide

Prompt delivery-very pleased with product, thanks heaps.
Al Val, Franklin NZ