Every New Zealander deserves a healthy, toxin-free home and workplace. We are committed to making Hydrogen Peroxide available to every household in the country so that families can reduce toxins in daily life and save money on buying multiple products containing harmful chemicals.


We score 4.95 out of 5 based on 1127 reviews

Based on 1127 reviews

Highly recommended

6% Hydrogen Peroxide

Excellent product that I use for cleaning the toilet - the spray bottle is perfect for this job.

Great products

Love this! My plants never looked healthier; used with the Evergreen oils.
It’s all I clean my house with now, with the Bright clean oils. Smells so good too!

Mister 360 - Reusable Spray Bottle

I purchased one of these bottles in a garden centre while visiting the Flower Festival in New Plymouth last year. As soon as I used this bottle I immediately noticed what an improvement it was on the reusable spray bottles that I had been using. The slightest pressure on the trigger gives out a long spray. I threw out my old spray bottles I and went online and ordered another one of these bottles. I even bought one as a gift for a friend. I highly recommend this product. Customer service was excellent as well.


We love these products - recently used with evergreen oil on our eves to deter wasps and it has worked a charm. We also used it to get rid of ants.

The good stuff

I buy the 4 ltr, as I use it for cleaning everything.
Good value. Thank you.

Good product

Very happy

Reusable Spray Bottle

This bottle does exactly what they say it would. Actually works every time, no endless pumping. Very impressive.

Best spray bottle

Quality is good though my trigger broke n doesn't rebound but still love it. Bought more. Temu not same quality either 😂
Good Clean bottles are worth it

Easily my fave oil

This is my fave oil blend for cleaning with, it is such a fresh smell. Second time purchasing and will forever be my go to

Everyday & Deep Clean
Elizabeth Minato

Very handy, really nice spray bottle. Fun watching black mould disappear

Hydrogen peroxide 4L

Great product. Use it for lots of things from spraying on indoor plants, cleaning, sterilising, wound healing, and for sore throats (best remedy - gets rid of a sore throat quickly)

Great for disinfecting

I use it for disinfecting and cleaning the kitchen surfaces and bathrooms. Leaves them lovely and clean and smells nice with the oils added to the solution.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 4L

I bought this as a gift for my sister and she is very happy with the product.

Great for washing machines

We use 3% on the seals and the inside of our front loading washing machine. It gets rid of those nasty stale odours really well. We also use it regularly on our bench tops

Our go to!!

Have been using this for a few years now…our go to for absolutely everything - it has replaced so many of our cleaning products.
Just starting to use it more in the garden which will save heaps on all the garden sprays!! Accompanying chart is invaluable & so well laid out and easy to follow!
Thank you’Good Cleaning Co’

Multipurpose magic

Brilliant pack, great value for money and so diverse for cleaning needs inside and out of the house. Love the help getting smells out of clothes and helping my plants keep and stay healthy. Have purchased multiple times as any extras I don't need I can pass on to friends because the products are just too good to not share

Good solution even better than 3%

I felt the strength and see it clearly in result of my fresh cut flowers, they will last longer. Also give a few drops when water my plants, new leaves come out quick even I didn’t use any fertiliser in this thriving season.


I love it. My home sparkles and I have used it for the aphids on my roses. Great result.

deep cleaning

Using it in my water pik and expect it to clean out a deep chronic dental infection. Great to have food-grade H2O2 in the bathroom.

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% - 1L
:Angie: Ohlson.
Awesome Product

There are so many uses for your product - so versatile for such a reasonable price.

The solution to every problem!

Started out with a tiny bottle of HO2 to deal with a time-yellowed woolen baby shawl. It worked so brilliantly I began trying out other ways to use it - and developed a habit that shows no sign of abating. It cleans bench tops, keeps cut flowers fresher (and not smelly) for longer, gets soap scum off the shower door, deals with fungal problems in the garden, removes spot stains from clothes, cleans coffee stains from cups, leaves my mirror bright and streak-free, disenfects wounds, even when they're threatening to turn nasty ... I could go on, but it's simpler to say I haven't yet found anything it doesn't do well. It's replaced about 15 other products on my usual shopping list!

Hydrogen Peroxide 6% - 1L

I think that product really help on disinfection at home and garden. We usually use it if somebody have a wound or cut when I was young.

Loving this product

This is an excellent product, has so many uses. Almost no need to buy anything else. Great service as well.

Great product

Amazing product, I prefer it to the 3% for cleaning and my plants.

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