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9.8 / 10


I use it to boil my teatowels and dishcloths, soak my dentures and as a general household disinfectant/cleaner. Delivery was super quick and will be ordering two bottles next time as I went through it faster than I thought and want to start using it for my garden veg and houseplants.
Deborah K. Wellington, NZ

Great service, and quick delivery. Like that its natural and has so many uses. The poster mentioned a lot of ways you can use it and the quantity needed was a bonus. Will be recommending to friends and family. A++
Liane P. Auckland, NZ

AMAZING service.. they must have a private jet! 😉 thanks so much.. I will be buying more from you as soon as I finish these bottles. I totally recommend it to all!
Karri, Whangamata NZ

Thank you, Team, for a nice product. I really appreciate it!
Alexei J. Bay of Plenty, NZ

Very quick! Great poster, didn’t know there were so many uses! Recommend
Claire, Wellington NZ

An awesome fast trade, thanks so much ! My Le Creuset dutch oven is looking new again 🙂
Eilish, Napier NZ

Easy shopping, once I had found you. Hydrogen Peroxide I have used in the garden and for sanitising in the house. So far very pleased.
Jean A. Christchurch, NZ

Good Clean Health Co are reliable and kept their word during the difficult times of the Covid lockdown….good product, use it as an essential part of my cleaning and hygiene regime.
Tony K. Christchurch NZ

Placing an order has never been this easy, I wish more sites would make the ordering process easier. My bottles arrived 2 days after ordering, it has a beautiful design and comes with a cute infographic poster. Would highly recommend it to anyone that believes in the power of good old hydrogen peroxide.
Ilse A. Hawera, NZ

Good simple quick purchase. I’ll gladly purchase again from them. Many thanks.
Kerry Te Awamutu NZ

Ordered it at Friday 4:30 a.m. received the next day by 10 a.m. can’t fault the super fast delivery.
Julia Ashburton NZ

Fast arrival. Really like the poster with tips! Thank you!  
Alice, Papakura NZ

Prompt delivery-very pleased with product, thanks heaps. 
Al Val, Franklin NZ

You can use it for just about anything!

Eliminating the Need for Multiple Products

Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

General Use

Feel the difference in the air around you.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for Laundry


Stains and stenches don’t stand a chance.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Kitchen


The non-toxic way to keep your family safe.

Bathroom Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide


Your secret weapon against odours, grime, and bacteria.

Disinfect Toothbrush

Personal Care

Take care of yourself as Mother Nature intended.


Plants love the extra oxygen molecule.

Healthy Pets


An oxygen-powered solution for the toughest stains and odours.


The Miracle Solution to Your Life!


Hydrogen peroxide must be the miracle solution to almost everything that gets screwed up in your home. Put it on a stain, and it disappears. This peroxide is remarkable at removing all kinds of biological stains on fabrics: food, drink spills, and eve blood. It’s fantastic for all basic cleaning and disinfecting. Put it on a cut (does not sting), and the peroxide cleans it out right away. I’ve even used it on my night-guard in a small, shallow bowl, let it sit for 10 minutes, and it leaves it crystal clear. I have found so many uses for this that I have ordered the 2-pack numerous times. I don’t know what I’d do without it. I always keep extra bottles around to take care of whatever happens.

GrantMany uses from grout to teeth

Jane C.

I use this stuff to clean grout and shower edges. I works well. There are no harsh chemicals. Best of all, an internet posting suggested that I combine hydrogen peroxide with baking soda 3 parts and 1 part salt and use it as a toothpaste. It doesn’t taste very good but with that and a water pic, my gums are growing back!

Great disinfectant!


Great size for all peroxide needs, especially for getting blood out of material.

Kills Sink Biofilm!

Diane R.

Did you know your vanity sink drains are growing biofilm? Use this twice week, about 1/4 cup, to sanitize and get rid of lingering odors.

Comes in Handy

Carmen Ohio

Great for cleaning up cat messes and more economical than other cleaning products!

Its a good prewash spot remover

Donna Plunkett

I use it in my laundry. Its a good prewash spot remover. Really works great on blood related issues. I use to clean floors. I put in as a water condtitioner before I add clothes



Love this. 3 tbs added to 2qt douche(boiled water then cooled down to warm) for yeast (3days). Plus dab on cloth or tissue to wipe outter layer and itching is gone. Never had to use over the counter products since. Look up on youtube. This stuff is great for multiple purposes

Effective at a great value.

Justine P.

Used for multiple purposes: cleaning wounds, dog ear infections, swishing your mouth when you have a sore/swollen throat, etc etc.

Oral health must have

John T.

I recently spoke with my friend’s dad who’s a Dentist and he stated that it’s a long-known secret amongst his industry that this does way more for oral health and teeth whitening than mouthwashes. He gave me 2 ways to use it. As a mouth wash, he stated to gargle with an equivalent of 2 tablespoons for 2 minutes or so and then rinse the mouth thoroughly.
As a whitening agent, he recommended I mix it with baking soda into a paste and brush my teeth for 10 minutes twice a month. It really, really is a cheap yet effective little trick.

Works wonders


I used this to help with a minor ear infection. This stuff works wonders.

Its a good prewash spot remover

Donna Plunkett

I use it in my laundry. It’s a good prewash spot remover. Really works great on blood-related issues. I use to clean floors. I put in as a water conditioner before I add clothes

Brightens laundry

Donna Plunkett

I use this in my laundry to brighten colors — it does wonders

Good value

D. B.

It’s hydrogen peroxide, what more can be said. Has 1000 uses!

Perfect quality

Lorine K.

Loved this peroxide. I used it in baths as a detox. Also to clean wounds. It worked great in all aspects.

Peroxide – the perfect skunk odor neutraliser

S. Wallace

Perfect! I need 2 qt bottles for mixing with baking soda when my dogs get skunked. I qt is not enough and that’s all the local pharmacy carries. So I ordered 2 of these to see how they work. They’re the perfect size and I’m thankful that I haven’t had to use them again – yet. Hydrogen peroxide is so useful for many things that having a larger bottle around is good for me. I use it in my garden as well so it will never be wasted. Was shipped quickly and they packed it well in air puffs so it didn’t move around in the box and get punctured. I’ll be ordering more from this manufacturer.

Unusual Use that works wonders!!!


I use peroxide to clean my terracotta floor tiles in my kitchen and bathroom. They are unsealed tiles and peroxide works the best for cleaning. I discovered this by accident. While cleaning these floors with vinegar and water, I accidently knocked over an opened container of peroxide and low and behold, the area sparkled. So now, peroxide is my basic tile floor cleaner.

Food Grade Hydropgen Peroxide NZ AU
  • N Non-Toxic Alternative – Contains No chlorine, Alcohols, Acids, or Other Dangerous Chemicals
  • N Highly Effective – Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mould Spores, Yeast and Fungi
  • N Clean, Disinfect, Sanitise, Deodorise – “As Nature Intended”
  • N Supports Healthy Bacteria & Cells – Safe to Use Around Adults, Children, Animals and Fresh Produce
  • N Over 50 Different Uses - Step-by-Step Instructions for Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, General Use, Personal Care and Pets
  • N 100% Biodegradable – Completely Biodegrades Into Water and Oxygen
  • N High Quality – Certified Quality to European Standards
  • N Cost-Effective – Save Money on Personal Care and Cleaning Products
  • N Fast Delivery – Quick Courier Delivery in New Zealand and Australia