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Grow Healthy Roots, Prevent Root Rot

If your plants are looking a little dull, limp, and lifeless, give them a good boost with [hp]. Applying a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to your plants’ soil can help stimulate healthy root growth, which leads to stronger, healthier plants.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. 1

    In a watering can, mix a 10:1 ratio of water to Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen PlusTM .

  2. 2

    Apply directly to the soil.

  3. 3

    Don’t pour on the leaves, as this could burn them.

Grow Healthy Roots, Prevent Root Rot Using Hydrogen Peroxide - Oxygen Plus
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Grow Healthy Roots

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is similar in chemical structure to water (H20)—the difference is that hydrogen peroxide contains two oxygen atoms instead of one. Although hydrogen peroxide is not a fertilizer, it works in a similar way when used on your plants. The additional oxygen atom found in hydrogen peroxide helps plants’ roots better absorb nutrients from the surrounding soil which leads to faster, healthier, and more vigorous growth over time. A diluted hydrogen peroxide solution is beneficial to plants at any stage in their growth cycle, from seedlings to fully mature plants.

Additionally, hydrogen peroxide is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, mould spores, and fungi that can hinder your plants’ root growth or kill them altogether. It’s also effective against root rot—a disease in plants in which the roots rot and decay due to fungus or excess water. Hydrogen peroxide kills root rot-causing fungi and restores the oxygen balance in the soil which boosts your plants’ root growth and health.

Unlike traditional fertilizers, [hp] is completely non-toxic, containing no harmful chemicals or additives. This makes it safe to use around your entire family, including pets. Although hydrogen peroxide is a chemical, it biodegrades completely into two natural elements: water and oxygen. Its gentle nature makes it safe for the environment, as well as any wild animals that might be roaming around your property. Did we mention it’s extremely easy to apply and cost-effective?

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