Disinfects Your Washing Machine

High-efficiency front-load washers are notorious for developing smelly odors from mould and mildew growth.


hydroghen peroxide nz-3 clean washing machine

Add 500ml of H2O2 3% to the empty washing machine drum. Then, run a hot water cycle. This should be done monthly, especially if the weather is humid.

Using H202 is also far less expensive than buying products specifically formulated to clean your washing machine.

How Often Should you Clean a Washing Machine?

This is an age-old question, and the answer is that it depends. If you want to set yourself on a regular schedule, do it monthly. If you are the type that likes to wait until you notice a problem, visually inspect your washing machine often.

You’ll notice:

  • Your clothes don’t smell clean or have a musty smell to them.
  • There’s a soap buildup on the agitator and drum. You may even see bacteria growth, which is a result of the soap buildup.
  • You may see a buildup of debris, such as pet hair, human hair, or random debris.

It’s best if you practice washing machine cleaning before it gets to this point. Think of it as a preventative measure rather than a fix. You aren’t trying to fix a problem; you want to prevent it.

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