Plants Use of Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Plants love the extra oxygen molecule.

Looking for a non-toxic, affordable way to keep your plants healthy and thriving? Look no further—Oxygen PlusTM is your solution! This food-grade hydrogen peroxide 3% solution is the perfect tool to support the health and growth of your plants in an environmentally-friendly way.

Hydrogen peroxide is simply water with an extra molecule of oxygen. When it breaks down, it forms molecular oxygen and water which supports your plants’ health in a number of ways.

Regularly using Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen PlusTM on your plants will stimulate their growth, kill harmful bacteria, control algae and fungi growth, treat root rot, rid water of chlorine, and speed up seed germination.

Traditional fertilizers and other plant care products often contain a long list of chemicals that aren’t healthy for plants, people, or the environment. Oxygen PlusTM , on the other hand, is completely safe to use on and around all plants, animals, and people. It doesn’t contain any toxic alcohols, acids, or other dangerous chemicals, and biodegrades fully into oxygen and water. By using Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - Oxygen Plus for PlantsTM you can have peace of mind that you’re safely stimulating the growth of your plants while protecting the environment and the people surrounding you.

With continued use of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - Oxygen Plus for PlantsTM, your plants will grow faster, healthier, and more vigorously.

Interested in adding Hydrogen Peroxide 3% - Oxygen Plus for PlantsTM to your plant care routine? Find out where to buy hydrogen peroxide 3%.

Plants Use Hydrogen Peroxide
Hyrdrogen Peroxide 3% Plants Uses

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