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Brighten Coloured Clothes

Brighten Coloured Cloths Hydrogen Peroxide - Oxygen Plus

Do you have a favourite shirt that’s colour has faded over time? Coloured clothes look their best when their colours remain bright and vivid. Once their colour fades, they can look dull and unattractive. Coloured clothes can become dull from body soil and detergent residue that gets trapped in the fibres. Many people end up using chemical-laden products to try to brighten their clothing or just throw them away. Thankfully, there’s an alternative option: using [hp]. Hydrogen peroxide has a mild bleaching action which can effectively brighten coloured clothing. Unlike bleach, however, hydrogen peroxide is completely non-toxic and doesn’t release any toxic fumes.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. 1

    Pour 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen PlusTM into your washing machine’s bleach dispenser.
    Run a washing cycle as usual.

  2. 2

    Complete a full, normal washing cycle.

  3. 3

    If you don’t have a dispenser, dilute 1 cup of Oxygen PlusTM with 2 cups of water and add to the empty washer drum, then load in your coloured clothes and wash as usual.

What exactly is hydrogen peroxide? Chemically speaking, hydrogen peroxide (H202) is very similar in composition to water (H20)—the only difference is hydrogen peroxide has an extra molecule of oxygen. Although it’s a chemical, hydrogen peroxide is gentle and breaks down into two natural elements: water and oxygen. Containing no chlorine, alcohols, acids, or other dangerous chemical additives, hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can feel confident and safe using this product on your whole family’s clothing, including your little ones.

It’s important to never pour undiluted [hp] directly onto coloured fabrics. Rather, simply add hydrogen peroxide to your washing machine’s bleach dispenser and run a washing cycle as usual. The hydrogen peroxide will automatically be dispensed during the wash cycle when there is plenty of water to dilute it. It couldn’t be any easier!

You’ll be shocked to see how the addition of this simple solution will breathe new life into your dull coloured clothing and make them look as bright as the day you bought them.

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