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Disinfect and Clean Braces

disinfect clean braces hydrogen peroxide

Whether you have removable braces or traditional metal braces, [hp] can play an important role in cleaning and disinfecting them.

Removable braces, such as Invisalign, are custom-made clear braces that cover your teeth and gently pull them into the proper position over time. Unlike metal braces, they can easily be taken on and off. Just like with retainers or dentures, removable braces need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Your mouth harbours a lot of bacteria, so naturally, your removable braces do as well. Because your removable braces are in your mouth for such long periods of time, it easily collects gunk like bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Excessive buildup of plaque or bacteria can potentially ruin your braces, or even worse, make you sick. While it might seem tempting to skip cleaning your removable brace, it’s crucial that you clean them every day to avoid these potential negative effects.

Simply follow these steps:

For removable braces:

  1. 1

    Mix ½ cup Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen PlusTM with ½ cup water in a bowl.

  2. 2

    Put your retainer into the bowl and let it soak for 30 minutes.

  3. 3

    Remove your retainer and rinse with fresh water.

  4. For metal braces:

    1. 1

      Mix two parts water with one part Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – Oxygen PlusTM.

    2. 2

      Swish the solution all-around your mouth for 30 seconds.

    3. 3

      Spit the solution out.

So what is an appropriate cleanser to disinfect your retainer? The answer is [hp]. This all-in-one solution cleans, disinfects, whitens, and rids your retainer of foul odours. If you have metal braces, swishing with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash can help prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and decrease irritation.

Although hydrogen peroxide is a chemical, it’s completely non-toxic and contains no chlorine, alcohols, acids, or other dangerous chemical additives found in traditional cleaning products. While hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant, it’s very gentle and biodegrades into just oxygen and water. It’s similar in composition to water (H20)—the difference is that hydrogen peroxide (H202) contains an extra atom of oxygen. It’s a safe option for your whole family, adults and children alike.

Clean your braces every day to keep them clean and germ-free.

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