Hydrogen peroxide has many uses in your HOME & GArden Home and Garden Hydrogen Peroxide


Home and garden Uses for the common 3 percentage HYDROGEN PEROXIDE

Drinking water: To kill algae in rain barrels and animal drinking troughs, add 5ml per 4 litres of water.
Fish ponds and decorative water features: Add 100ml per 200 litres or 100ml per 80 litres for control of string algae and other algae.
Fish aquariums: For a 60 litre tank, add 3 millilitres; for a 225 litre tank, add 13 millilitres.
Cleaning hard surfaces: Use at full strength.
Washing machine and dishwashers: Add 60ml per load.
Plant diseases: Replace 475ml of water in the Garrett Juice formula with 475ml of hydrogen peroxide.
Soil improvement: To improve soil flocculation (fluffiness), mix 50/50 with water and apply 4 litres of mix to approximately 100 square metres.

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