The Only Non-Toxic Disinfectant Spray You Need to Keep Your Home and Workplace Safe and Clean

With the Added Benefits of Essential Oils!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one cleaning product that you could use to disinfect, deodorize, and clean your entire home and workplace? Great news—there is! Meet [opp], a food-grade hydrogen peroxide 3% solution infused with pure essential oils.

This disinfectant spray has over 16 uses around the house, garden, and workplace, from thoroughly sanitising surfaces to neutralizing foul odours to removing difficult stains. What makes [oppepper] an absolute must-have for your home and workplace? We’re glad you asked! Today, we’re going to share what makes this household disinfectant so powerful, effective, and convenient.

1. It’s Effective Against Harmful Microorganisms

[op] is a powerhouse when it comes to killing harmful microorganisms—something that’s especially important during the pandemic. Hydrogen peroxide’s strong oxidizing properties kill bacteria, viruses, mould spores, yeast, and fungi to help prevent the transmission of common and serious illnesses. Simply spray this solution on any surface and either wipe it down or let it air dry. You can rest assured that [oplav] will kill off all those nasty germs to keep you and your family, friends, and coworkers safe.

2. It’s Extremely Versatile

Oxygen PlusTM with Essential Oils can clean and disinfect just about everything—seriously. This disinfectant spray can be used to clean all surfaces, produce, your bathroom, tile, grout, floors, laundry, stains, your dishwasher, your laundry machine, your mattress, carpets, mirrors, upholstery, infected plants, and even your mouth!

3. It Comes With the Added Benefit of Essential Oils

[oplav] is offered with either lavender essential oil or peppermint essential oil. So, not only are you getting all the incredible benefits of hydrogen peroxide 3%, but you’re also getting the cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing properties of natural essential oils.

Lavender essential oil offers a calming scent and has antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. Peppermint also provides antibacterial and antifungal properties and gives off a fresh, invigorating aroma. Cleaning has never smelled so good!

4. It’s Cost-Effective

This household disinfectant is extremely cost-effective because of its ability to do the job of multiple cleaners. Instead of having a closet full of cleaning products, you only have one, affordable all-purpose solution. This will save you time, money, and will ensure that you always have the product for the job on hand.

5. It’s Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

Many commercial cleaning products are filled with toxic chemicals that contribute to indoor air pollution and increase the risk of allergies, respiratory illnesses, and other serious health issues. Additionally, chemical-laden cleaning products are damaging to the environment, contributing to water and air pollution.

, on the other hand, is completely non-toxic and biodegrades into just water and oxygen. It’s as strong and effective as bleach, yet breaks down into harmless elements, making it safe to use around your entire family, including your pets and children. You can also have the peace of mind that your cleaning efforts aren’t harming our beautiful planet.

Keep Your Family Safe and Your Home Clean

We’re undoubtedly living in a time where it’s more crucial than ever to regularly and thoroughly disinfect our living and workspaces. With its powerful disinfecting properties, Oxygen Plus with Essential Oils is the ideal cleaner for keeping your living environment clean and sanitised during this unprecedented time in history. With unmatched convenience, effectiveness, and versatility, this powerful disinfectant spray is one of the most economical and safe ways to disinfect your home and workplace.

Look no further, [oplav] is all you need to keep your space clean, safe, and pleasantly fragrant.

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