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Why Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is a Must-Have for Steam Mopping

When it comes to green cleaning, two items you absolutely need in your arsenal are a steam mop and Hydrogen Peroxide 3%.This superstar green-cleaning duo is perfect for those of you looking to reduce toxin use in your households, effectively clean and sanitise multiple surfaces, save money, and protect the environment.

Steam Moping

First of all, what exactly is steam mopping?

Gone are the days of dragging around a bucket of dirty mop water. Steam mopping offers a toxin-free way to clean surfaces without the extra hassle.

As you might have guessed, a steam mop uses heat from steam to clean and disinfect your floors and other surfaces. While steam mops are generally designed for hardwood, tile, and laminate, there are many models that also clean softer surfaces like carpet and upholstery. You can also invest in a steam cleaner that comes with various attachments for an array of cleaning jobs.

No matter the surface, [hp] is an essential steam cleaning supply.

What is hydrogen peroxide and why is it a good cleaning agent?

Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical H2O2, which translates to water with one added atom of oxygen. This simple household chemical kills harmful microorganisms including bacteria, yeasts, fungiviruses, and spores through the process of oxidation. This makes it an amazing toxin-free alternative to noxious cleaners, without compromising effectiveness.

There are dozens (yes, dozens!) of things you can clean and sanitise using a steam mop or steam cleaner and a simple hydrogen peroxide 3% solution. Today, we’re going to focus on some of our favourite, most useful applications. Let’s get to it!

Clean tile and grout

A steam mop is to tile like peanut butter is to jelly. It’s a match made in green-cleaning heaven.

With a traditional mop, people often use harsh detergents, and even bleach, in their cleaning solution, which can leach harmful chemicals into the air. By switching to using a hydrogen peroxide 3% solution with your steam mop, you can have peace of mind that you’re cleaning chores are not harming you or your family.

Grout, in particular, is difficult to clean because it’s lower than tile, but a steam cleaner can effectively blast away dirt, stains, and gunk in those hard-to-reach crevices.

Clean carpets and rugs

Has your once-white carpet turned a concerning shade of beige? Don’t fret!

Using a steam cleaner with a hydrogen peroxide 3% solution will remove stains and dirt that are muddying up your carpet’s appearance. You’ll be shocked to see your well-used carpet go from lackluster to bright before your eyes.

Clean upholstery

Steam cleaning with hydrogen peroxide 3% is an effective solution for many types of upholstery including car upholstery, furniture, and curtains. The low-moisture steam from your steam cleaner will effectively clean the surface of your upholstery and remove stains without soaking the fabric, which could potentially ruin it. Plus, the high-temperature steam and oxidative effects of hydrogen peroxide 3% will rid of any unwelcome microorganisms.

Deep clean your mattress

Cleaning a mattress sounds like a gargantuan task, however, it’s actually easy to accomplish with a steam cleaner and a hydrogen peroxide 3% solution. In fact, using this dynamic duo is the quickest and most effective way to deep clean and sanitize your bed.

Bed bugs, dust mites, and other uninvited bed partners don’t stand a chance against the heat from the steam and the antimicrobial action from the hydrogen peroxide.

Clean and sanitise toys and baby accessories

Babies and children will chew on anything within arm’s reach. It’s very important to not use toxic cleaning products to clean and sanitise children’s toys and accessories, as that could lead to them ingesting harmful residue.

Rather, use a steam cleaner with a hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, which will kill off any harmful microorganisms while keeping your little ones safe.

How to make a hydrogen peroxide solution for your steam mop or steam cleaner

Okay, so you’re convinced that using a steam mop with a [hp] is a green-cleaning essential. Now, how do you actually make the solution?

Making an effective, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic cleaner could not be any easier.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. 1

    Mix 5 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide 3%.

  2. 2

    Add 1-3 tablespoons (depending on the size of the reservoir) of natural liquid soap.

  3. 3

    Mix well using a utensil.

  4. 4

    Pour the mixture into your steam mop’s reservoir.

  5. 5

    Proceed to use the steam mop as usual.

Make the switch to green cleaning

Switching to non-toxic, green cleaning supplies is crucial to ensure you don’t fill the air in your home with toxic chemicals.

Steam cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is the perfect solution to clean and disinfect your home without endangering yourself and your loved ones. With its antimicrobial action, inexpensive price point, and non-toxic properties, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% should have a permanent place in your cleaning supplies cupboard.


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