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Hydrogen Peroxide – The Only Disinfectant you Need

Today we are all trying to do our best to disinfect our homes, but do you want to fill your home with harmful chemicals while doing so? Cleaning solutions may work, but they contain ingredients that may also harm your health.

Fortunately, all you need is one solution that does so much more than just disinfect your countertops. Hydrogen peroxide not only disinfects just about any surface, it doesn’t contain those harmful chemicals that the heavy-duty cleaners contain.

Hydrogen peroxide has many more uses than you may realize! Check them out below.

Kill Viruses

Disinfect your Home and Workplace

Today we all want to do what we can to disinfect all areas we normally spend time, both at home and work. Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to disinfect all stable surfaces in your home and workplace, such as countertops, toilets, grout, and bathroom tiles.

Anywhere that you worry about germs, disinfect with hydrogen peroxide. We always recommend testing an inconspicuous area first before spraying an entire area, just to make sure there’s no discolouration. Once you know, it’s safe, liberally spray the entire surface with peroxide and wipe it down. If you’re working in a tight area, such as grout, use a toothbrush to scrub the area, and always make sure to rinse and wipe it away.

Fight Viruses

In the face of the pandemic everyone should have the ‘weapons’ necessary to disinfect. Before we get further into it, please note that sanitizing and disinfecting are two different things. Sanitizing lowers the risk of spreading virus germs but does not eliminate the germs. Disinfecting actually eliminates the germs and the risk of spreading the harmful virus.

Before you use hydrogen peroxide, you must clean the area. Fortunately, you can clean with standard dish soap. Thoroughly wash the area and dry it, then spray the peroxide over the surface, letting it sit for two minutes before wiping it up. You can use the peroxide straight up or dilute it with water making a 50/50 mix.

Disinfect your Clothes

Do you worry about germs on your clothes? As you are out and about (when the stay-at-home orders are lifted), the germs will still linger. Viruses can cling to your clothes for many hours. Throwing them in the wash may clean the clothes, but it won’t disinfect them, especially if you wash them in cold water.

You can add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to your washing machine’s bleach compartment for disinfecting and brighter clothes. If you don’t want to use the peroxide right on your clothes because you worry about discolouration, consider using it to disinfect your washing machine. Simply pour two cups of peroxide into your washing machine tumbler and run it on ‘hot’ with no clothes in it. You’ll disinfect the machine of all germs and leave it smelling fresh.

Remove Pesticides and Bacteria from Produce

We have no idea what germs reside on the fruit or vegetables we buy in the store. While it’s important to eat your fruits and vegetables to keep up your immunity, ingesting bacteria and pesticides can harm your health. Fortunately, peroxide is a natural way to disinfect the food you eat.

Simply fill a bowl with one litre of water and one cup of peroxide. Soak your produce in the solution for a few minutes. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly and dry it. Now you have pesticide, bacteria, and virus free food to enjoy.

There’s no reason to fill your home with chemicals that can smell bad, cause headaches, and do damage to your organs. Natural hydrogen peroxide disinfects, keeps you safe, and even helps deodorize as it cleans, giving you a fresh, clean, and germ-free home. Disinfect your home with the product that will keep you safe while eliminating harmful germs.

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