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MonsterA & Men Case Study

Monstera & Men Case Study

Monstera & Men is known for its quality work with plants. Recently, the company was approached by Good Clean Health Co. They wanted to know what makes a great plant caregiver so we reached out to one of New Zealand’s most well-known – and loved!- botanical experts: Ben from Monstera & Men.


I grow indoor plants in hospitality venues, gyms and offices so the health and hygiene of my potted plants is very important to me.

I have used Oxygen Plus in a watering can to successfully treat fungus gnats in the soil, and in a spray bottle to successfully treat aphids and mealybugs on the foliage.

I’ve also found Oxygen Plus in a spray bottle is effective at cleaning any cobwebs, limescale or marks off pots and saucers. It’s handy to have a safe product to treat pests on plants and also clean anything without an odour.

Ben Murgatroyd
Monstera & Men

Monstera and Men - Ben Murgatroyd


What results did you see by using Oxygen Plus?

I found Oxygen Plus effective in treating fungus gnats in indoor pot plants with a combination of letting the soil dry out between watering with 50% diluted.

What type of products do you currently use for plant care?

Watering cans, hoses, spray bottles, neem oil, and organic mineral oil.

What are the cost savings you can see to use a single multi-purpose product?

Saves time changing products and saves cleaning time.

What would you say to people that are sitting on the fence of using Oxygen Plus for plant care?

Try it out for general plant hygiene to see the difference ie spraying dust and spider webs.

What’s the most frustrating part of keeping plants healthy?

In public spaces, it’s interference or tampering by people in the space and the biggest general challenge is understanding seasonal differences.

What can we do to help your staff with the use of Oxygen Plus?

We use 10l watering cans so a bottle the right size and concentration for mixing into a watering can for watering and filling spray bottles on the go.

How important is it for your business to use a more environmentally friendly solution for plant care?

Very important

And how would it impact your relationship with your clients?

Generally, improving the hygiene and health of indoor plants in my clients’ spaces will improve my relationship with my clients.

How did you find our Mister 360 spray bottle, would you recommend this product?

Yes, it was very easy to use and great for misting plants.


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