3% Hydrogen Peroxide for Plants



Harmful chemicals aren’t necessary to grow healthy plants. Whether your plants suffer from root rot, fungal infections, or you need a good disinfectant, Oxygen Plus may do the trick.


Oxygen Plus – Hydrogen Peroxide 3% is simply water with an extra molecule of oxygen. When it breaks down, it forms molecular oxygen and water which supports your plants’ health in a number of ways.

Sanitise your Seeds

Do you plant a seed garden first? You likely soak them in water before planting them to enhance germination right? If you soaked them in Oxygen Plus, they may grow even faster. That’s because Oxygen Plus naturally kills off any germs, including bacteria that reside on the seeds. This helps your seeds grow faster and healthier.

All you need is your Oxygen Plus and a watertight container. Pour enough into a bottle to cover the seeds. Let them sit for four hours and then rinse them off. The seeds will be healthy and ready for you to plant in pots or your garden.

Eliminate Fungal Infections

Have you noticed signs of fungal infections on your plants? A few signs include ‘rust’ on the leaves or stem, white mold, or brown spots on the leaves.

Mix ¼ cup Oxygen Plus with one quart of water. Heavily water the plant with the mixture, making sure to get all sides of the roots. You almost want to ‘flush’ the roots of the fungus. You may feel like you’re overwatering the plants, but you’re actually flushing out the fungal infection.

Pest and Insect Repellant

Are you tired of pesky insects and pests taking over your plants? Oxygen Plus helps chase them away. While soaking the roots helps protect the heart of your plant, sometimes insects feast on the leaves. Mix equal parts Oxygen Plus and water in a spray bottle and lightly spray the leaves to chase away unwanted pests.

Help Root Growth

Some people think of Oxygen Plus has fertiliser. While that’s not the case, it does encourage root growth. It gives your plants’ roots a boost of oxygen, which it needs to get the necessary nutrients. When the roots absorb more nutrients, they grow faster, giving you a healthier and faster-growing plant.

Enhance your Hydroponics Garden

Do you prefer hydroponics versus a traditional garden? It’s a great way to see how your plants grow and what problems they have that you wouldn’t be able to see underneath the soil.

Many gardeners have the same issues with a hydroponics garden as they have with a soil garden – fungus and lack of oxygen, both of which hydrogen peroxide helps. If you’re growing a hydroponic garden, have plenty of Oxygen Plus on hand.

Soak your plants with the same amounts of Oxygen Plus you would in a soil garden – mixing ¼ cup Oxygen Plus with one-quart water. Soak the plant’s roots to enhance oxygenation, fight fungus, and keep the plants healthy.

Root Rot Prevention & Treatment

Do you have plants with yellow leaves? They may have root rot. This happens when your soil doesn’t leave enough room for oxygenation. As it progresses, it causes decay on the roots and eventually works its way up to the leaves.

If you’re easily able to pull up roots, they aren’t firmly planted in the ground, likely due to root rot. Oxygen Plus can help this with these simple steps:

  • Mix one part Oxygen Plus with two parts water
  • Pour the mixture around the roots of the plants, making sure it doesn’t touch the leaves

This should help the soil aerate, giving the roots more room to breathe. You should have healthy roots with plenty of room and no tangles.

Disinfect Tools, Pots, and Greenhouses

Are you worried about bacteria in your pots? If you had plants with a disease or root rot in it already, the pot likely has disease too, which can spread to your plants. Mix one part ¼ cup Oxygen Plus to one quart water directly in the pot. Thoroughly wipe the sides of the pot, getting every area, but make sure you wear gloves while doing this. Dump the Oxygen Plus mix out and thoroughly rinse the pot, completely drying it when complete.

Oxygen Plus works well as a seed sanitiser, root enhancer, and it helps fight plant diseases. If you’ve ever noticed how much more rainwater helps your plants than regular tap water, you’ve seen the benefits of hydrogen peroxide. H2O2 is actually in rain, so using it as a part of your gardening process mimics what Mother Nature does for it too.


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If you want to avoid chemicals on your plants, try Oxygen Plus. It’s a great disinfectant, seed sanitizer, and root booster that keeps your garden free from pests, fungus, and disease. When you use Oxygen Plus , you have more time to enjoy your plants, their beauty, and their vegetation rather than putting all of your sweat and effort into problem-solving and saving your plants.

Food Grade

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

H2O2 In Pure Distilled Water


NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVE TO: Grow Healthy Plants, Speed Up Seed Germination, Fight Pests and Diseases, Save Dying Plants, Prevent and Treat Root Rot, Disinfect Garden Tools


Organic Gardening, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Water Treatment, Agriculture

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